Calrec Microphones

The triplet Calrecs are seen in the arrangement which Michael’s analysis showed would provide the best quality figure-of-eight outputs.


15 calrec 3 auto web



16 1 c t b and w 1 g web

...and black and white


17 2 mag new calrec g web cr

Michael examines one of his newly-arrived Calrecs in Peter’s room at 100 Abingdon Rd. Paul Griffiths is more interested in his book… (September 1970)

Holywell Music Room

The arrival of the Calrecs allowed us to experiment with different microphone types and positions at a session for OUTRS members in the Holywell Music Room.


18 3 hmr 3 g web

Michael (back view) entertains the members. A single Calrec points into the piano, while the remaining pair stands next to a pair of Reslos. (October 1970).

19 3 hmr 2 g web

OUTRS member Jonathan Halliday provides beautifully-played music, specialising in romantic composers such as Rachmaninov, Debussy, Chopin and Liszt.


20 3 hmr 1 g web

Michael (standing, second from left) holding forth in the control room. We monitored the performance using Quad amplifiers and speakers, which allowed us to hear subtle differences between the different microphones and positions. I thought it was ‘remarkable how much better the Reslos sounded than the Calrecs.’ The Reslos ‘also had more treble than the equalised Calrecs, which had a somewhat thuddy quality.’ [Recording: C236/655]


Session in Oriel College Hall


21 4 oriel 1 g web

Conductor Anthony Sargent pauses in the rehearsal…the microphones can be seen in the background just to the right of the double bass.


22 4 oriel 3 g web

View from the Gallery. The triplet arrangement can clearly be seen in the centre foreground.


23 4 oriel 2 g web

Michael and Philip in conversation by the microphones, while Jonathan looks on.


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